Bursa Baby and Kid Fashion

Apparel industry in Turkey increases its power and volume every passing year and grows their export rates by positioning of their processes
according to new trends and business models. Industry share in overall export rate of Turkey is
15% in 2017. 195 countries have chosen Turkey in export rates and
it has brought to the position 7th largest exporter in the world.
Turkey is located on the top row of the garment exporters list, is one of the example countries
that shown in the industry. Bursa that is the capital of the textile industry in Turkey and
has 3 thousand years experiences in textile industry, is shown as an important center thanks to its easy access
to the important commercial areas of the world.
Bursa, that is a global textile base, has an important place in the manufacturing of baby and kid's apparel. The
80% of the manufacturing in this industry is realized in Bursa, especially in the Vişne Trade Zone. The companies
that direct baby and kid's fashion, manufacture world class apparel with investments and innovations
in the Vişne Trade Zone. Our brands that manufacture with trained, experienced labor force and innovative perspective,
are using the latest technology to manufacture healthy and fit apparel.
The brands that collaborated on the project of Juniokids with support of Republic of Turkey Ministry of Trade and vision of Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry,
have made Bursa base of the world for babies and kid's