Speech of the President

As Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, we have implemented many projects in order to encourage the opening of our companies abroad, increase their export rates and strengthen their competitiveness in the global arena.
In the last 5 years which we offer Global Fair Agency, Commercial Safari, Turkish Trade Centers, such as valuable projects for the benefit of our members, The Global Competitiveness Development (UR-GE) projects, which we maintain with the support of the Ministry of Trade, have become exemplary projects of our export-oriented development targets.

Today, all developed economies have been enriched because they have managed to bring their manufacturing and trade to the international scale. In accordance with this line, as an institution, we also give our companies competitive power in global markets by launching UR-GE projects in the manufacturing areas where our city is powerful.
In Bursa where meets alone 80 percent manufacturing of baby and kid's apparel of the industry in Turkey, we are leading the success of our companies with UR-GE projects that we launched in the industry.
Our industry representatives, which were united under the ’Juniokids’ institutional brand, are no only dependent on the domestic market but also participate in international activities and increase their export revenues.
Our companies have almost reached all around the world from Africa to Asia, from Europe to America with the activities carried out within the scope of the project. Our companies, which succeeded in increasing their export performance by 150 percent because of the project, were also a source of inspiration for our other industries with their successes.
Our project was also among the best project examples by both the Ministry and The European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis, and managed to receive two important awards.
One of the most important gains of our UR-GE projects for our industry was the Junioshow Fair. Our fair, which we organized for the first time in 2016, has made significant progress in a short time. Having succeeded in entering the international trade fair lists, Junioshow also allowed our companies to reach new business contacts.
We will continue to work with resolution and determination to make success of our companies sustainable. In this context, I would like to express my gratitude to BEKSİAD's precious managers, valuable members of our professional committees, our project participant companies,  our projects that add value to our industry and staff of our chamber working in cooperation with our chamber in our projects that add value to our industry, and I pay my respects to you all with my belief that we will write new success stories in baby and kid apparel industry.

İbrahim BURKAY
Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry
The President of BTSO Board