President’s Message
We continue our works in Bursa, which is the industrial, production and export center of Turkey, with an approach that is open to innovation and change in all conditions to ensure that our companies have the qualifications to do business not only within the boundaries of our country but also across the world. We reflect requirements of the era to all our projects and we aim to carry our Bursa to a different and advantageous position in the new order to be formed.
As the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Bursa, we implement projects that will provide the utmost benefit to our members with long-term strategies that we have formed with common sense in all fields of industry and commerce. We continue to lead the transformation of sectors in our city.
Within this framework, International Competitiveness Development (UR-GE) Projects, which we have put into practice with the support of our Ministry of Economy, are among our most important projects. Our Chamber, which is an institution that carries out projects the most with 10 UR-GE projects taken under the scope of UR-GE supports by the Ministry, contributed to the city’s economy a total of 160 million TL of resources, as 16 million TL for each project.
Our UR-GE Project, “Opening the Baby-Children Outfit Sector to the World from Bursa,” has been the first project that has started its activities among 10 UR-GEs. The Baby-Children UR-GE, which has become a model project in the country with its activities carried out under the Juniokids brand, has brought very important achievements to the sector representatives in Bursa, which is the production center of the industry. When we evaluate the general exportation performance of 2016 and the export performance of our project participant companies, we can see what an important mission the UR-GE projects have. While the sector increased its exports by 17 percent in the first 10 months of 2016, the companies participating in our UR-GE projects were able to increase their exports by 116 percent in the same period.
I congratulate all of our companies that have participated in our project for this outstanding achievement they have demonstrated. I am deeply convinced that similar successes will be achieved in 39 companies in our second Baby-Children UR-GE, which we initiated with the intense demand of the sector in the result of this success.
In order to show the potential of our Bursa to the whole world, we are giving qualified fairs to our city with the cooperation of TÜYAP. In this context, the Junioshow Fair that we have organized for the baby - children's clothing sector, one of the sectors where Bursa is the strongest, brings together the leading representatives of the industry in Bursa.
In our fair, which welcomed more than 25 thousand visitors from 44 countries last year, more than 180 companies will have stands this year. Hundreds of foreign manufacturers and importers will negotiate with the companies of Bursa in the fair, where an event of the procurement delegations will also be organized under both UR-GE projects.
I express my gratitude to the valuable managers of BEKSİAD, valuable members of our professional committees, companies participating in our projects and staff of our Chamber, who have worked in cooperation with our Chamber in the important studies that will accelerate the baby-children outfits sector, and salute all of you with my belief that we will write new success stories in the baby and children outfit sector.

İbrahim BURKAY
Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Chairman of the Executive Board