About Project

Juniokids is a national and international manufacturer platform in the Baby and Kids Fashion industry.
Juniokids constituted by the participation of 80 companies that are expert in their field inside of industry, is coordinated by Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry with the support of “International Competitiveness Development (URGE)” depended the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Commerce and aims to increase the export rates of its members and have a say in international competition. Juniokids, the first project that made for the third time in the same sector in Bursa, was selected as a Good Practice Template by the Ministry of Commerce.
Companies of Bursa that meet 80 percent of manufacturing of Turkey, has made a distinguished name for itself in the global competition. Our URGE Project has been awarded “The Bronze Label of Cluster Excellence” by the European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis (ESCA) which examines the activities, structures and management analyses of more than 350 clusters in Europe.
Our companies located in the Vişne Commerce Zone; exports to more than 120 countries in the categories of new-borns, baby girls and baby boys, kids, and accessories. Our URGE companies that offer trend designs, high quality products, inventiveness, competitive prices and confidence, create value for the economy of country and Bursa.
Juniokids targets to become a world brand and the first choice of families all around the world to make the children of the world feel comfortable, beautiful and happy with the URGE Project.

Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry
R&D and Projects Directorate