The Ur-Ge project of The Baby And Kids Wear Industry, JUNIOKIDS was selected as a Good Practice Example by Ministry of Trade.

4. We represented our Chamber at the 4th Cluster Conference. We explained our Ur-Ge project of The Baby And Kids Wear Industry, was selected as a good practice example by the Ministry of Economy and the other projects of our Chamber.
The capital of baby-kids wear fashion in Turkey... BURSA!
The city of vision, a chain of civilizations whose origins date back thousands of years...
Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which is leading to economy of city with 39.000 members and slogan of “Bursa Grows Turkey Grows”, leads the city of the future with the power of common mind.
We have brought together about 400 members in clustering groups formed in strategic industries to implement macro projects with cooperation culture.
Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry leads Ur-Ge Projects to have a say of members in the global arena in industries of Baby-Kids Wear, Textile, Food, Machinery, Chemistry, Composite, Rail Systems, Space Aviation and Defence, Renewable Energy with support of Ministry of Trade and contributes 150 million Turkish Lira to the city economy.
Bursa brands, whose field of expertise are baby - kids wear industry, have united their forces by aiming to have a say in international competition with support of Republic of Turkey Ministry of Trade and vision of Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, that adds value to the city economy.
Here is the brand of common mind… JunioKids!
During the URGE Project, we organized 9 trainings, 3 consultancy, 6 overseas marketing activities and 4 procurement committee activities.
A total of 735 foreign buyers from all over the world were brought to Bursa and provided bilateral business meetings with project members in the activities of the procurement committee.
98% of our companies attended a fair abroad for the first time, 90% went to America and 100% went to South Africa for the first time and started to trade in America and South Africa thanks to overseas marketing activities.
When the export rate of UR-GE firms at the beginning of the project and the total export rate end of the first year of the project are compared, an increase of 116% is observed.
The success of the first project and its significant contribution to the industry aroused interest and demand in other companies in the industry and so the second Ur-Ge project was started in 2016 for the same industry.
As a cluster of Juniokids, we gained Bronze Label award from European Cluster Excellence Programme and have taken the first step to way of internationalization and excellence.
JunioShow Fair, which is the heart of the industry, is being implemented with a fiction far beyond a fair with the acceleration, provided by our URGE Project. The vision of Baby - Kids Fashion is determined with synergy provided by activities of Junio Fashion Show, Trend Zone, Young Designers Competition, Trend Trainings, one-to-one consulting services and procurement committee.
We walk to the leadership of world baby - kids fashion with the philosophy of unity in the industry, a understanding of quality manufacturing, environment and child friendly brands, a focus on design and trend.
We would like to thank the Ministry of Trade for their support.