Baby - Kids Wear Companies of Bursa Branded to North Africa

Baby - kids wear companies remains their grows emphatically by leadership of Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO). The representatives of Bursa business world branded to Casablanca, industry and trade center of Morocco with international marketing activities that organized in scope of the UR-GE projects of BTSO.
BTSO, manages 2 of International Competitiveness Development Projects in same time with support of Ministry of Trade, carried its members to North Africa in scope of the common activity of 2 UR-GE projects between December 10-13. The goods, which showed in Casablanca, the locomotive of the Moroccan economy by 120 members consisting of baby and kids wear manufacturer in Bursa, attracted great interest from visitors. BTSO members held approximately 2,000 business meeting within the framework of the bilateral business program in Morocco. The business people, carries on a business in Morocco said that Bursa goods make a difference with affordable prices and high quality. Bursa business world representatives also agreed that their meetings would lead to new collaborations.
The General Secretary of The National Association of Moroccan Traders, Mr. Ahmet Elhaimeur stated the quality of the goods which were showed. Mr. Elhaimeur said: “I think Turkish goods will be sold easily here. There is a rich good range for both baby and kids. Thank you very much for the organization. Hopefully you will perform new ones in these programs. The organizations, you will do in different cities, will increase the trade between us and Turkish companies.
Stating that they have 30 stores in baby - kids wear industry in Morocco, Mr. Said El Hanachi said: “We have started to supply goods from Turkey in recent years. We sold our goods in a very short time. The quality of the goods showed here and the prices offered to us are also very good. We have made very positive meetings. We also gave orders to some companies. I hope we will be in Bursa between January 9-12 for Junioshow.”
The owner of the company's Rhali company, Mr. Tahar Farih Rhali thanked the Ministry of Trade and BTSO for the organization. Mr. Rhali said “We believe that a much stronger trade will occur with our cultural and historical proximity. We had worked with companies in Istanbul before. We have made very effective meetings with Bursa companies here. We are planning to visit Junioshow in Bursa in January.”
Owner of Cumino Kids Company, a member of UR-GE Member of BTSO, Mrs. Ezgi Danişmend Çetinel expressed his pleasure to be among the new members of the UR-GE project, which has become more and more effective in international markets with the corporate identity of Juniokids. Mrs. Çetinel said: “UR-GE projects add great value to our brand, our city and our country. We are very happy to be a part of the projects carried out under the leadership of BTSO. In this context, our business meetings were quite good. We would like to thanks to our chamber.”
Gocoland company owner, Mrs. Gülşah Özbay said that they have started to operate in the industry since 2010. Stating that they started to export a short time after establishment, Mr. Özbay said “Our export-oriented works with BTSO's projects have gained further momentum. Business meetings were realized above our expectations. We did not expect such intense interest and high demand. I believe that many of these meetings will be reflected in trade. I would like to thank BTSO.”