Junioshow Fair Doors Open for the 7th Time

Junioshow Fair coordinated in cooperation with Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO), TÜYAP and BEKSİAD, will open the doors for the 7th time, on 3-6 of July, 2019.
Junishow will be representing innovations in baby and kids’ apparel industry, set the trends and products will offer a visitors opinion with the participation of more than 100 manufacturers. Autumn-Winter fashion concept products will be representing on specially decorated booths in Junioshow that it will provide added value for the industry, city and country economy.
“Industry’s Exporter Identity will become more powerful with Junioshow”
Mr. İbrahim BURKAY; President of the Board of Directors of BTSO said that Junioshow excitement will be experienced for the second time in this year. Mr. BURKAY reacquaint that first Junioshow that was organized on January, broke a record in numerous fields. He also said that “Our Junioshow introduced that quality of Industry’s manufacture and design from Bursa to international area. Junioshow broke a records in its own field like was number of visitors, number of international visitors and total number of visitors. This Fair opened the way to new business connections to our companies with the created commercial opportunity and through company’s exporter identity became more powerful.”
Organization of Procurement Committee
Mr. BURKAY report that Junioshow ranks among the international fair calendar and following with the interest by professionals of global sector, “Participant companies and international customers will gather around the same table with the organization of procurement committee as part of Fair likewise every fair organization supported by BTSO. Our members and hundreds of company representatives from nearly 50 countries will come together with organization of Procurement Committee within the scope of UR-GE and Commercial Safari Projects. I would like to express our thanks accordingly valuable supports to Ministry of Commerce, our strategic partners BEKSİAD and TÜYAP. I wish Junioshow will be beneficialness for our industry, Bursa and Turkey.”