'Junioshow' Fark in exports
Baby and Children's Apparel sector of the Junioshow Fair, which is close to the No. 1 trade show in Turkey for 4 days 25 thousand professionals visited the job. ​
came. The business connections established in the Junioshow Fair, which was visited by sector representatives from 52 cities including Istanbul, Gaziantep, Izmir, Ankara and Denizli, contributed to the production, competition and exports of the sector, "he said.
Ersözlü stated that the second Junioshow Fair of the year will meet with the concept of "Autumn - Winter" between April 4th and July 7th, 2018, "We have already started preparations for the Junioshow Fair. The fair, where decor stands will be exhibited, will be realized with the participation of firms who want to open up to new markets and increase their current market share ".
BEKSİAD President Ömer Yıldız stated that they have successfully finished the Junioshow Fair and said that participating companies are satisfied with the organization. Stars who thanked the sector representatives for their support. "We will continue to work at the height of the Junioshow Fair. Qualified foreign buyers were brought to the furos. I believe that the future of our industry is brilliant thanks to these studies. Together with TUYAP, we will have a better spot with our vision of BTSO. "
Fair participant Mustafa Gürses stated that the fair grew steadily every year and said, "The quality of the procurement committees supported by BTSO, Ministry of Economy and TÜYAP is very good. "Our success in this sector, which is driven by the consciousness of" unity is born ", will continue even more.
Fair participant Mesut Okyay said that the baby and children's clothing sector in Bursa is a growing sector. Okyay noted that the BTSO's projects opened up the sector to the world and successfully achieved its signature. "We started the morale in 2018 with Junioshow Fair. Our sector is increasing its crunch every year. I believe that our exports will grow even more with these organizations. "
Sector representative Adem Çolak thanked the BTSO, TÜYAP and BEKSİAD and the sector representatives for their contribution to the fairs, stating that the customer's quality of the fair was covered every year.
Baby and Children's Apparel sector of the Junioshow Fair, which is close to the No. 1 trade show in Turkey for 4 days 25 thousand professionals visited the job. The fair, where 1100 foreign business people from 63 countries met with Bursa companies, contributed to the start of the sector's morale in 2018.
International Baby-Kids, Ready-to-Wear and Children's Needs Fair (Junioshow) ended. BTSO and TÜYAP Bursa Fuarcılık A.Ş. Organized in collaboration with Bebe Children's Clothing Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association (BEKSİAD), the fair added great strength to the sector's foreign trade and competitiveness. The work of 2 different Ur-Ge projects for the sector of BTSO has resulted in dynamism in each year last year and the company which has opened 200 stands for important cooperation for 4 days. The fair, which was attended by 1081 business professionals from 63 countries including Russia and Iran, contributed to the promotion of Bursa.
BTSO Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors İsmail Kuş said that the Junioshow Fair has enabled sector representatives to open up to the world and break the envelope. İsmail Kuş emphasized that the fair has become an international organization by acquiring an 'international' identity in a short period of time, considering that Bursaal companies market their design-oriented products to the world thanks to the fair and export experience.
Reminding that they have decided to organize the fair twice a year in line with the demand from the sector representatives, İsmail Kuş emphasized that the unity and solidarity in the sector has brought success. İsmail Kuş, said: "Baby and children's clothing sector is a rising value of the Bursa economy. Our sector, which has increased its exports every year, is one of the most active sectors with 2 separate Ur-Ge projects. As BCCI, we have had important contacts in USA, Africa, Asia and European markets to open our industry to the world. Everywhere we went we introduced Junioshow and the industry in the best way possible. Now we are collecting the fruits of our work. I believe that our industry will sign new success stories of our industry. "
Evaluating the first Junioshow Fair of 2018 TÜYAP Bursa Fuarcılık A.Ş. General Manager Ilhan Ersözlü said that Junioshow Fair was visited by 24 thousand 628 business professionals from 63 countries. Ersözlü stated that local producers near 200 fuarda, which provide added value to both the region and the country's economy with a million dollar order, displayed the latest trends in the concept of "Spring-summer", "BTSO Commercial Safari Project and T.C. The Ministry of Economy visited the business people from 63 countries with the works realized within the scope of UR-GE projects and the work of TUYAP overseas offices. Business people from countries such as Fuara AB, Germany, China, Denmark, Indonesia, Morocco, Palestine, France, South Africa, India, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Iran, Israel, Canada, Russia, Venezuela