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Junioshow Opening Doors
Junioshow Fair, the heart of the baby and children's apparel industry, opens its doors on Wednesday, January 10, 2018.

Junioshow Fair, the heart of the baby and children's apparel industry, opens its doors on Wednesday, January 10, 2018.

Junioshow Fair, the heart of the baby and children's apparel industry, opens its doors on Wednesday, January 10, 2018. Bursa Trade and Industry Chamber (BTSO), TÜYAP Bursa Fuarcılık A.Ş. and BEKSİAD cooperations will be held in the fuara 50 countries, close to 1000 people are expected to participate in business.


Baby boy Junioshow Fair in Bursa, Turkey's production base in the apparel industry is experiencing the excitement. BTSO, TÜYAP Bursa Fuarcılık A.Ş. and Bebe Children's Clothing Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association (BEKSİAD) will be held in cooperation with 200 companies will open this year. Within the scope of the exhibition, BTSO's Commercial Safari Project and two separate International Competitiveness Development Projects (Ur-Ge) carried out in the baby and children's confection sector, as well as the work of TÜYAP's foreign offices, will bring more than 1,000 foreign buyers from 50 countries to Bursa .


Ismail Kuş, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of BTSO said that exports and competitiveness of Bursa, which is an industrial and production city, is strengthened by the exhibition activities. İsmail Kuş emphasized that Bursa's companies, which meet 80 percent of the production in the baby and children's confection sector alone, opened up to the world with UR-GE projects and exhibition activities conducted by the BTSO and that the industry is getting new exporters every year with the organizations of BTSO.



Ismail Kuş, who expressed the opportunity to introduce value added and design oriented products to the world markets thanks to Bursa firms Junioshow, observed that they organized a new purchasing delegation organization with the fair. İsmail Kuş, who said that the sector strengthens its potential with the organization of fair and buying delegations, said, "Our companies, which have a new and different vision, are experiencing a fair excitement. The fuara, where the spring - summer creations of our industry will appear, is expected to attract close to 1000 business people, mainly Russia, Middle East and African countries. I wish the fair to offer our city's ecomomic and sector-wide contributions ".



TUYAP Bursa Fuarcılık A.Ş., located in the evaluations related to the fair. General Manager Ilhan Ersözlü noted that the 'spring and summer concept products of the baby and child wear sector between 0-12 years will be exhibited at the Junioshow Fair. Ersözlü stated that 200 local producers will open stands in Fuarda's special décor stalls. "Junioshow, prepared on 4 different seats in 30.000 m2 area, is getting ready to bring the textile fashion determined by the important producers of Bursa to a global platform with sector professionals. The fairs that will give power to the exporter's identity of the industry with the business links to be formed in the fur are in the first place in the agenda of the sector professionals ".



Apparel industry every year increasing production capacity, manufacturers' design and technology to the investment and quality-oriented production concept Ersözlü with an expression that increase the export share in the market, "Turkey is the world's 7th is the largest apparel exporter. The fair organized in Bursa, which meets 80 percent of the babies' children's garment production, which is one of the sub-sectors of the ready-to-wear sector, attracts attention with its wide product range on ready-made garments. It is aimed to make a strong contribution to the production, competition and exports of the sector with strong business connections ".


BEKSİAD Chairman Ömer Yıldız, who stated that the industry will break the heart of the industry in Bursa throughout the fair, is proving the power of our city, which is in the position of production base of our country in the sector of fuarımız, baby and children confection sector which is organized for 4 years and added every year. As a newly formed management, we are developing new ideas in order to maintain the continuity of our company. Local and foreign buyers will find Spring-Summer products in our store. Our Bursa, which is in the position of the capital of textile, is going to be mentioned in the field of fairs with its sectoral fairs such as Junioshow and will continue to do so. We are thankful to İbrahim Burkay and his team, the valuable President of Bursa Trade and Industry Odamız, which has important contributions to the sector. "

The Junioshow Fair, which will open its doors on Wednesday, January 10, 2018, will welcome a visit by January 13th.